As the busiest shelter in New Brunswick, Crossroads’ Transition House has housed more than 9640 people since its opening in 1981, and demands for its services continue to increase significantly each year. Running at full capacity for the last 5 years and unable to keep up with the growing demands on its services, last year the organization was forced to turn away more than 60% of the women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence in our community.

For this reason, in December 2014, Crossroads for Women launched its New Shelter, New Start Campaign to raise $2.5 million to purchase and renovate a property to provide a new, expanded shelter for the more than 400 women and children fleeing domestic violence and seeking refuge with the organization every year. 

Once completed our new Transition House will:

  • Nearly double the capacity of Crossroads to provide emergency shelter services in the community by increasing the number of available beds from 17 to 29;
  • Provide dedicated counselling and intake rooms necessary for receiving statements for police intervention and providing the confidential counselling and increased length of stay required for victims of violence to heal;
  • Provide expanded space for a Family Lounge and Library, Health & Wellness Multipurpose Room, a communal Kitchen and Dining Room and safe and secure Children Play Areas inside and outside.


Your donation, whatever the amount, will be critical in helping us raise the funds required for this essential community project.

To learn more about the urgent need for the new shelter, the campaign progress we have made, the many volunteers that are involved and the critical difference we are making in people’s lives, please click on the links listed below.

On behalf of the many women and children feeling domestic violence in our province, thank you for helping us break the cycle of violence in our province.


The Need for a New Transition House

Campaign Cabinet

Campaign Progress

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Item donations
Due to limited storage space we currently cannot accept the following items : 

  • Any clothing (including baby and children's clothes)
  • Baby items or toys (including stuffed animals)
  • Hotel-sized toileteries
  • Furniture/books


​The following items are gladly accepted. Please call ahead (857-8028) or email to ensure that we can accept your donation. 

  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Brand new women's undergarments
  • Full-sized toileteries
  • Codiac Transpo tickets or passes